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How to convert Skaven Hunters

My favourite thing about warhammer is the unlimited creativity. Especially with the Skaven, those little rat bastards have their paw in just about anything you could think of.

So i had this idea of what if there was Skaven that where hunters?

i really want to do a couple of Skaven hunters, like a group of 3 or 4, so this is almost like a tester model.

The main body of the model is Krrk the almost trusted from the Spiteclaws swarm kit. Originally i wanted him to have the rifle held in both hands with the original arms but i couldn't get it just right.

So i cut both arms completely off. I drilled socket holes in both shoulders to fit the new clan rat arms. His right arm is from a Skaven clan rat with the spear cutoff and i glued both parts of the rifle to the top and bottom of the hand. 

The point of the rifle has an Ork jaw underneath it, its a trophy from a previous kill.That and the horns that are part of his helmet are from the awesome citadel skulls kit.

For his left arm i wanted to give him a melee weapon to counter the long ranged rifle, so i used the big blade that comes with the plague monks kit. I was lucky to find this Skaven bit because the left arm of the Skaven usually holds a shield, so there is not a lot of left handed Skaven bits. 

The last added bit was from the Beastclaw raiders mournfang kit. This little trap part adds a lot to the model. It adds more of the look and feel of a hunter. He can do more than attack but he can set traps and play the hunter role. 

All the parts and kits that were used are available here

Spiteclaws Swarm

Citadel Skulls 

Plague monks

Kroot Rifle

Clan rats 

Beastclaw raiders

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