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How to convert Skaven Hunters

My favourite thing about warhammer is the unlimited creativity. Especially with the Skaven, those little rat bastards have their paw in just about anything you could think of.

So i had this idea of what if there was Skaven that where hunters?

How to paint battle ready Skaven Stormvermin

Since i have just finished my final year in college i number one thing i wanted to do was reshape my YouTube channel. I want to start recording painting and converting tutorials and to kick things off and start testing the techniques, the first tutorial is how to paint battle ready Stormvermin

Mortal Realms Issue 9 review

Alright everyone issue 9 of warhammer mortal realms is out and it is reinforcement week for the stormcast! stay tuned!

Mortal Realms Issue 8 review

Alright every one issue 8 of warhammer mortal realms is out and this week we get some fire power with the celestar ballista! stay tuned!

Mortal Realms Issue 7 review

Alright every one issue 7 of warhammer mortal realms is out and this week although we don’t get any models, we get something that we badly needed, paints! stay tuned!

Mortal Realms Issue 6 review

Alright every one issue 6 of warhammer mortal realms is out and this week we are getting introduced to another magic user in the form of the Briar Queen, stay tuned!

Mortal Realms Issue 5 review

Alright everyone issue 5 of warhammer mortal realms is out and with this weeks issue we get an exclusive stormcast model and we get introduced to the magic phase. Stay tuned

Mortal Realms Issue 4 review

Alright everyone issue 4 of mortal realms is out and this week we get our first look at a technical paint, the Glaivewraith stalkers and we continue to see how much we are saving with the mortal realms magazine, stay tuned.

Mortal Realms Issue 3 review

All right everyone issue 3 of warhammer mortal realms is out and since last week we got some nighthaunt models this week’s models are the stormcast castigors and a gryph-hound.

Mortal Realms Issue 2 review

Alright everybody the second issue of warhammer mortal realms is out and just like last week we are getting some more models. Now we don’t get as many models as the first issue, but issue 2s models are definitely quality over quantity. 

Mortal Realms Issue 1 review

The day has finally come, mortal realms, the age of sigmar equivalent of warhammer 40k conquest is finally out.

Now previously Hachette had given this a soft release just to test the waters and see what the reception was like. 

But as of the 8th of January, it is released in full and I have been waiting for this since it was first talked about.

Building Haemotrope Reactor

Issue 68 of warhammer conquest gave us a familiar piece of terrain in the Haemotrope Reactor. This terrain piece was release a couple of issues back but that's nothing to complain about because its big chunky terrain piece that looks great! Lets get building!

Building Space Marine Heroes

These two models i am familiar with. Both these guys cam with the Betrayal at Calth box a few years back and i already had painted up the regular captain for the Road to Guilliman painting series.

Building Plauge Marine Icon Bearer

Over the last few weeks i have fallen a bit behind in keeping up with building the models from the the weekly magazine warhammer conquest. I usually build them as soon they come out but over the last month just started to build up. I have about 3 or maybe 4 issues to get through so the first one i put together was the Plague Marine Icon Bearer 

Primaris Mephiston & Battleforces: Warhammer News

Coming up for pre order this week will be 10 brand new battleforce sets. Warhammer 40K will have 6 of the battle forces. They are the space wolves, blood angels. Tau, Chaos space marines, Drukhari and Trynids. The other 4 are for age of sigmar. they include night haunt, stormcast eternals, skaven and gloomspite gitz.

Mortisan Soulmason, Salamanders and Imperial Fists: Warhammer news

Another new Ossiarch Bonereapers model has been revealed, Mortisan Soulmason is a new hero model for the army and this is the guy that’s in charge of the soul harvesting that makes each ossiarch warrior.

New battle box and new models: Warhammer News

Blood of the Phoenix

The latest news to come from the Warhammer community site has given us a full view of the new blood of phoenix battle box and a pre order date of the 12th of October which is this Saturday.

Marvel and Marvel unite? - Warhammer news

Welcome to the first Warhammer news post for the website! Time permitting im going to cover some of the weekly news from the internet but more specifically from the Warhammer community website. But most but the most important part of these posts is your thoughts are on these news bytes so make sure to let me know in the comment section below. 

Primaris Librarian: The road to Guilliman painting challenge

Update number 8 had me painting a primaris librarian model. There was two things that had me worried a bit about painting this guy, the robe and making him look like he is using his psychic powers.