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Monday, 31 July 2017

Easy to Build Box: Death Guard Plague Marines

On a recent trip to a Games Workshop i picked up the Easy to Build Plague Marines. For €12 this is a cool little box to pick up. It has 3 of the new plague marine models that are snap fit and easy to put together. 

I love the look of theses new Plague Marines and the detail on each ones is incredible. They were made up of 4-5 parts each. They went together easily enough without any hassle and the snap fit mechanic works really well. No glue! Although they are some slight mold lines on them.

If you're like me and like to pick up some random models this is handy to pick up but it also gives you a chance to see some of the newer models without buying a €30-€40 box. Other available boxes are the Primaris Marines Intercessors, Reivers and the Poxwalkers.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Ebay Loot: Finally getting the original Verminlord

Anyone remember the Verminlord before the end times? Probably not. but its hard not to have a soft spot for the original model for what is essentially the skaven version of a demon prince. I nearly bought the original metal one brand new but when the newer kit came it got pushed to the side for the new shiney.

I have always kept my eye out for one on ebay but as usual it takes a while to get one at good price. Some prices had gotten really high but eventually i managed to pick it up for €14 including delivery. The only negative about it was his tail was missing. I knew that when buying it and it didn't bother me to much because the price was so good. I used a spare tail from the newer verminlord kit and i will add the Doom Glaive from that kit also.

Stay tuned for when i get around to painting this guy up. Should be fun and looking forward to adding him to my painted collection.