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The Legion Of Gamza

The Legion of Gamza is a dedicated community of wargaming channels on YouTube. Created by Commissar Gamza and supported by its council members. We seek to unite the wargaming community and lend a hand to the smaller channels who deserve attention for all the hard work they put into their videos.

Member Rules:

1: Members are expected to make at least two videos a month.
2: Members must subscribe to every member in the legion.
3: Must be a table top/wargaming type of channel.
4: Members must represent the Legion through in video display and/or video description. Either way you must link our Facebook page in the description.
5. Members should be looking to support their fellow members channels by commenting and liking videos when they can.
6. We ask that you to try and remain active on our Google Plus and facebook pages
Find out more about the Legion here: http://www.idicbeer.co.uk/p/blog-page_16.html 
Legion of Gamza Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Legion-Of-Gamza/571293846216926?ref=hl  

The Legion Of Gamza Are

1: Commissar Gamza (Leader of the Legion)
2: IDICBeer (Head Council Member) 
3: Chief Live Gaming (Council Member) 
4: Spunge Hammer (Council Member) 
5: Table Top Banter (Council Member) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZPMTb2bDE6s4uuiXQF1DfA 
6: 33claydog
7: Big Mek Danskull
8: TableTop Warzone
9: Wargamer Shawn 
10: DemonJesterJ
11: 501st Spartan
12: Tom The Ascendant
13: Purdius Prime
14: felipe klepacz
15: cruorangelussilicis
16: yugismurf0017
17: TheApatheticFish
18: Nerdopolis Prime
19: Barrie Young
20: DiceMiniaturePaintGuy
21: Mammoth Painting Studio
22: The Warp Forge
23: Kiblams
24: HydraAscendant
25: Julianus Maximianus
26: Joel Driver
27: The southern crusade
28: Grawlys Lair
29: Rafel Maj